Originally from Abruzzo, Guido Rosati moved to Rome in the early Sixties where he studied  Architecture Design and Scenic Design In 1970, after reflections on what was to be his future, he became interested in Industrial-Design with passion and dedication.

Thus began his adventure in the world of industries in the north and in the centre of Italy. The year 1970  saw him working, in his first professional contact with Fontana Arte, designing successful lamps among which fatuous blown glass, which has been in production for   about twenty years, marking what was to be a recurrent theme in his mind: the aesthetic aspect should not exist independently.

For the same Company he designed  the ashtray  HAVANA in  polished steel selected by the magazine BOLAFFI ART (1972) as "Design of the Month".

At that time  in his studio in Rome he  experimented innovative concepts in the field of upholstered furniture. Thus, the PAPILLON chair dual front seat was born.  Currently It is selected in the permanent collection Design  at the  Triennale of Milan.

Thrilled with the results, expanding  his relationships with companies lovers of innovation such as UVET and SOFART, creating respectively the NANA 'armchair, and the PIEGO the first sofa bed t to adopt the mechanism now known as the "ratchet", which allows the structure to open up and form a bed-in a simple and practical manner.

In 1974, for the Company VE ART he designed some lamps including the LUCINDA transparent blown glass coupled with a fabric component.

Designed by Guido Rosati the collection RICCIOLO for POLTRONOVA presented in 1976. In those years research and experimentation were deeply felt, therefore, Companies like SALPOL STILGAMMA of Rome  put into production respectively THE DRESS and GUIDO models, both of which with completely removable covers  , the GUIDO  sofabed that uses a mechanism that allows the repositioning  of the arms to complete  extension to create  a bed.

On the occasion of the Roman exhibition CASAIDEA, he  was  invited to present his work  from the 70s. The event is called "A DESIGNER AT CASAIDEA", the construction of the pavilion with the most significant projects in the exhibition was accompanied by a monography published by Immelmann International entitled "GUIDO ROSATI DESIGNER 1970-1980", edited by Rinaldo Cutini, widely known graphic designers.

The 80s saw him engaged in the fields for which he was featured previously: sofas and lamps. He collaborated with SALPOL inventing the GIANO collection presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 1982 by the graphic designer Ennio Lucini, who also supervised the paper-based communication, and META with the SYM-BIOS sofa bed, winner of the Italian Design Award CASAIDEA ( 1983).

The patent of the ARCHIMEDES sofa-bed by ESSE was developed with the collaboration of the company STEM, a manufacturer of mechanisms that acquired the patent  extending that concept   in various versions to many Italian and foreign manufacturing companies.

Following his design convictions, over the years  he created, for ITRE, the BACCHUS, lamp in blown colored glass, a simple but innovative concept in form and function.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the L1 LUXO lamp, designed by Jak Jacobsen in 1937, he interpreted the best-selling lamp in the world, making it in colored glass to favor a less technical use. The result  was a collection called LIVING that was presentedat the 'EXPOLUCE exhibition in Milan in the presence of the same Jak Jacobsen.

The desire to know other markets and other production realities led him to cross the ocean visiting Brazil, the United States and Canada. Upon returning he resumed  his  work with greater vigor collaborating with ARFLEX for the construction of a new challenging sofa bed; Thus the PEPPER was born  despite many difficulties,, presenting considerable innovations, both in terms  movement and construction.  It was  selected for the Compasso d'Oro Award of 1989.

In those years he is engaged with passion  in the design  of  whirlpool baths, the company with which he collaborated was  the BLEU BLUE leading to the production of three pools: BABETTE, EVA and DEMETER, united by an aesthetic feature consisting of contour lines on the edges so as to change the common visual impact and at the same time make a stronger structure. The market impact was considerable, so much  so that he was imitated by competitor companies.

In  the lighting industry too he  succeeded in shaking  up the market with a substantial intuitive restyling in making  of the famous nineteenth-century fan in glass. The VELETTA di MURANODUE veil of Muranoduewas built in various types and  color.  The  distribution  achieved of by this collection in both European and American markets, has been great from then to the present.

The success of his own  specialization  in inventing and experimenting with new sofa bed  ideas ,  brought  him the attention of companies in the sector such as BPA INTERNATIONAL  which put the ROGER collection into production distributing it on national and international markets.

His creative flair  of those years   led to his being noted by  a major company in Brianza, FLEXFORM,  for his  prototype, and  aquired it in the sure knowledge of being able to sell it in all their markets. The WINNY, the name of the sofa, allows, in addition to the transformation into a  bed, the elongation of the seat depth. It is still  marketed  successfully.

In 2002, MURANODUE  put into  production the PALACE wall lamp with fluorescent power,  and was selected as a finalist for the EUROPEAN DESIGN COMPETITION - LIGHTS OF THE FUTURE.

In the wake of past successes, the DESIREE (Euromobil) became interested in his work acquiring a prototype previously made by the firm SAGMA, so the SESAM was born presented with great commitment at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2001. The SESAM had many possibilities for placement of the two twin beds operated with extreme ease.

In 2004, the company BIESSE  became  interested and put into  production another sofa bed with original features: with a simple flick UILSSE the sofa turns into a round bed. The search for simple and inexpensive systems to transform a sofa bed into an innovative way determined the birth of the SCOOP by SABA system that coordinates two sofas with a simple rotation of one of the two.

Other systems were designed for companies like MILANO BEDDING (DENNIS) and BOSAL (ARNO) and are  still in production.

In April 2014 at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, he presents a Ditre Italy product, the sofa EVANS with an innovative technical and formal intuition, having considerable success.

Currently, a passion for continuous research and the development of new projects have led him to become involved in other areas where design is present. Certainly his intuition and experience gained will lead him t take advantage in  future collaborations.